Does the Liberty Mouse Mover™ work on a PC or a Mac?

Yes, since this is mechanical device you can place either a PC or a Mac mouse on the Liberty Mouse Mover.  There is no software to be installed.

Does it come with any software?

No, there is no software to install.  Just plug the power cord into the wall socket and you are ready to go.

 How does it work?

The Liberty Mouse Mover has a gently rotating platform on which the mouse is placed.  Once the mouse rotates against the edge of housing it stops, and the platform continues to rotate underneath it.  This simulates mouse motion.  You will see that the cursor on the screen moves in one direction until it hits the edge of the screen.  Although the cursor will stop once it is at the edge of the screen, the mouse will continue sensing the motion of the platform moving underneath it, and will continue to tell the computer that it is moving.  Any mouse movement tracking software like Microsoft Lync, Screen Saver, Password Lock Screen, etc., will detect the mouse motion and will respond as if the mouse is being moved by hand.  Please click on the video below, or click here to view a larger version on YouTube.

 What is the largest and smallest size mouse that can be used?

The Liberty Mouse Mover has been tested only on cordless mice. The largest mouse that will fit is 4 11/16 " long.  That is how large the opening is.  If the mouse is too small, it will rotate with the platform. The mouse cannot be any shorter than 3 1/4".  Please see diagram below.


 What if I use a tablet or trackball mouse or a mouse with a cord attached?

Since most mice these days are wireless, the Liberty Mouse Mover has been designed and tested only on popular brands of wireless mice. If you use a trackball, tablet or a mouse with a cord, you can have a second wireless mouse always plugged into your computer and simply place that on the Liberty Mouse Mover when you step away from your desk.  Amazon Basics has a nice, cheap mouse that works with the Liberty Mouse Mover.

 What is it made from?  Is it safe?

The Liberty Mouse mover is manufactured from ABS plastic, as are most computer accessories, and does not contain any harmful chemicals. Inside the housing is a small 4 Watt motor that generates some heat.  The bottom of the case has slots for ventilation. The housing sits on three feet for stability, and so that air can enter the enclosure from the bottom, and exit upwards around the rotating platform via convection.  The power cord complies to US safety standards and includes a "strain relief" - if you pull on the cord, you will be pulling on the case, not on the electronics inside.  The plastic case is designed to snap together and not come apart.  The only way to separate the two pieces once assembled is to break the case.  Please don't do this...

 Is it made in the US?

Yes and No. We tried really hard to get as many of the parts made in the US as possible, but the motor and the plastic components would have cost 4 times as much, and we couldn't sell the device for the low price on Amazon.  From US-made components, it would have to sell it for close to $100.  The only components that were competitively priced in the US were the screws that hold the motor in the case, and the cardboard packaging. OK, so box was cheaper in China, but we decided to support a local vendor instead. We also use American talent to assemble the components and package them, and of course all the advertising and web site development was done by local talent.  So when you unwrap your Liberty Mouse Mover and throw the box away, remember that you are throwing away about 1/5 of what it cost to make the unit.

Does it have any other use?

Yes. For watching videos on your computer.  Some people are not very computer savvy, but would like to watch videos - like YouTube, Neflix, Hulu, etc. on their computer..... and then the screen saver comes on because the mouse is inactive. How frustrating!  These folks would be very happy with a gift of the Liberty Mouse Mover so they can keep  watching videos without those annoying screen saver interruptions.

What is your return policy / warranty?

Since we work with Amazon, we have a simple return policy - no questions asked within 30 days of purchase. Amazon manages the refund process via their product return system. Details of our warranty can be found here.

Do you ship oversees and to P.O. boxes?

Yes, Amazon ships to most places.  Please note that currently the Liberty Mouse Mover is intended for "North American" 110 - 120 V outlets. We are working on a version that is will work with 220V outlets, with different types of plugs for countries other than US and Canada.

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