I'm being watched?

If you work at home, your company-issued  computer likely includes mouse movement-tracking software like Microsoft Lync®. When you leave your desk, your computer starts to count down the seconds.  After a few minutes, Microsoft Lync® alerts your boss that you are not working.

Click on the image at left to view a video introduction to the Liberty Mouse Mover™.

F2 apple mouse

Liberty Mouse Mover simulates mouse motion.

The Liberty Mouse Mover™ is independent of your work-issued computer, meaning that over-zealous IT departments can't track its use.  Simply plug the Liberty Mouse Mover into a wall outlet and place your computer mouse on the rotating platform. Your computer senses that your mouse is moving, and your boss thinks you are hard at work. You stop worrying and start enjoying the flexibility of working from home.

..... take back your freedom!

Our Approach, Our Story

We are the original mouse mover and introduced the product over three years ago. We listened to customer feedback, improved the product, and are now on our 4th generation system (the green one) with microprocessor controlled random movement. Package includes power cord, screw driver and instructions on how to adjust the ON/OFF time of mouse movement.

We have also recently completed rigorous safety testing in an accredited laboratory to EIN, UL and CSA safety standards. Since practically all products sold in the US use materials and components from overseas, it is critical that none of these contain toxic or harmful chemicals. We are the only mouse mover that has been tested to these rigorous safety standards and accredited by SGS for product safety and compliance.

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The Gen. 3 red or blue version is still available on Walmart.com.  Search for Liberty Mouse Mover, or click on the link at right